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Faith Preschool - Faith Preschool
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Faith Preschool

Christian-based Preschool in South Austin

We are no longer accepting students for 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 school year. Faith Preschool will be closing May 19, 2022.           

Thank you for 50+ wonderful years!

We are a play-based school nurturing artists, scientists, dancers, engineers, authors, singers, comedians, doctors, philosophers, lawyers, architects, and more. Best of all, our days are filled with friendship, compassion and love.

Meet our staff.


Dressed to the Nines
Playground Fun
Friends on the Playground
Hand Painting in 3's Class
Experimenting is Fun!
Moving Sand on Playground
Playdough Dinosaur
Chefs at Work
Coloring Fall Leaves
Making costume for Fall Parade
3's Fall Parade
Celebrate Thanksgiving
Molding Playdough
Dress Up in 2's Class
Dressed to the Nines
Playground Fun
Building Cities
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Come join us!