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About Us

We at Faith Preschool want all children to leave us with good self-esteem, having realized they have accomplished things on their own. Our program is a modified open classroom with such basic centers as dramatic play, blocks, books, music, science, and art. We strive to achieve the following:

  • To educate and nurture all children placed in our care.
  • To promote in the classroom Christian thought and practice.
  • To emphasize five interrelated areas which are important for the growth of the whole child: intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • To discover the abilities of each child through parent conferences, observation and listening.
  • To perceive new information about children and look at them in new ways.
  • To listen attentively to what children say and ask for their suggestions.
  • To develop individual creative abilities.
  • To encourage the child’s self-expression, feelings, and observations.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility toward oneself, classmates, and one’s community.
  • To develop number concepts and skills in solving problems.
  • To provide a program of language development.
  • To provide an environment to help children learn to interact with others and encourage cooperation in a group setting.
  • To encourage children to complete tasks by themselves and follow instructions.
  • To provide opportunities for choice, initiative, and autonomy.
  • To develop spiritually through experiencing God’s love.
  • To follow guidelines set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.
  • To provide parents with tools to help their child adjust and overcome any fears facing a new situation, since preschool is a new experience.