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Dear Families,

Yay! We got the school year started. The children are having a wonderful time and starting to understand our routines and expectations and are having a great time meeting new friends! We have loved getting to know your children and look forward to a fun filled year.

A great big thank you to the White family for their donation of many musical instruments! We can’t wait to use them. 😊

I hope you all enjoying your time without kids—some of you are working from home and it is a HUGE challenge to have little people around while trying to get things done in a professional manner. Thank you to all the families, (there have been several in just these couple weeks) who have kept their kids home for possible exposures, mild illness, sick siblings and because they have traveled.  This is such an inconvenience to you all, but it is truly how we will stay healthy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

COVID numbers in the Austin area are ever so slowly trending down.  But since we are still at stage 5 we are going to have to cancel our 4 year old open house scheduled for Thursday, Sept 23rd. Licensing is still requiring that only staff, & emergency personnel are allowed in the buildings.  Bleh.  I was so expecting that we would be able to do our gatherings this year.  Instead, we will do what we did last year, videotape the kiddos singing their songs and email the link to you.  We do it via You Tube but the link is private and only the people we send it to, can view it.  It’s nothing like the live version, but our families enjoyed it last year.  Have to make lemonade out of lemons, right?!

Lastly, please remember to wear your mask at pick up.  We appreciate it!

Kind regards,

Jill Varnell