February Newsletter

            The “Dad’s Day Lunches” were so much fun!  Thank you to all our Dads and substitute Dads for attending.  The children worked very hard on all their special “Dad Things” and on the special songs.  It is so important for children to learn how to honor the special people in their lives.           

            Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!  All the classes will be spending art time working on Valentine projects.  Our parties will be at snack time during our regular school days.  The dates for the parties are as follows.  The children can bring valentines for their classmates to distribute on party day.  Cards should be signed on the back, but please do not address the  of the Valentine to a specific child since your child will be handling the mailing of each card.  The number of cards your child should bring for their class is as follows:

Party—Thurs. 2/13——Super Birds & Lil Artists3’s——–16 children + 2 teachers

Party—Thurs. 2/13 ————Caterpillars 3’s—————–8 children + 1 teacher

Party—Thurs. 2/13——-All 4 year old classes————24 children + 3 teachers

Party—Wed.  2/12 —– Mon/ Wed. 2 year old class———–11 children + 3 teachers

Party—Thurs. 2/13——-Tues/Thurs. 2 year old class——— 10 children + 3 teachers

If you have any questions about Valentines, please see your child’s teacher. 

            Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will begin on Wednesday, February 5th in the 4s classroom for all current 2 year old students. Thursday, February 6th all current 3 year old students may register.  Wednesday February 12th is registration for all siblings of current students. Please remember your checkbook to pay the registration fee to secure your spot. We will call the wait list starting Thursday, February 13th. If you know anyone interested in our school for next year, please have them call the office to get on the wait list.  Bring your checkbook. The registration fee of 130.00 is due at time of registration.                        

Tuition for the school year 2020-2021 are:                                        

           Hours 9:00 to 12 noon ; optional lunch 12:00-1:00                                      

            4 Days—————-$ 300.00                                      

            3 Days—————-$ 280.00                                      

            2 Days—————-$ 235.00           

            Lunch Fee——————————————————-$ 5.00 per day               

 Registration Fee (due with the registration card)—–$ 130.00                  

            Supply Fee (can be paid in September/October)            

Children attending two days a week—$100.00; children attending three days a week —$110.00; children attending four days a week—$120.00.

The medical form must be updated each school year.  If your child has a well-check appointment before the beginning of the new school year, you may want to take the form with you.  A doctor’s signature must be on the form, showing that your child has had a check up and is eligible to attend preschool.  You must also attach an updated copy of his/her shot record, sign and date the form and return it to the school office. If your child requires an Epipen for allergies, additional doctors forms are required, please ask for additional forms.            

              You will receive additional registration materials with your beginning of school letter to be mailed in August.  Please direct any registration questions to the Preschool office.

Jill Varnell