(No crocs, jellies, sandals without socks or shoes/boots without rubber soles)

  • Comfortable Clothing: (Please think of your child’s comfort before deciding on clothing and shoes for the school day) All children should wear comfortable, washable clothing that he or she can manage by himself or herself. Shoes should be sturdy, rubber-soled and designed to protect the feet from sticks, sand, etc. Boots, without rubber soles, crocs and flip-flops should not be worn. Rubber-soled sandals with a back-strap may be worn, but be sure the child does not mind sand in the sandals. Socks are a good idea to keep the sandals comfortable. Water shoes are difficult if worn without socks. Sand and sweat make the sandals very uncomfortable.
  • Label all removable clothing: Raincoats, sweaters, jackets, hats, backpacks, mittens, lunch kits, etc. PLEASE!!
  • Toilet Training:

All children in the 3 and 4 year old programs must be toilet-trained. Those not toilet-trained in the 2 year old classes should bring a package of labeled diapers and wipes (to be replenished as needed) to leave at school. Children working on toilet-training should wear clothes that are easy to remove. Children become frustrated when they cannot handle their clothing. Please send an extra set of clothes, labeled in a baggie, in case of accidents, as well the school does keep extra clothes.

  • Physical Activity:

      Outdoor play provides for greater freedom and flexibility, fuller expression through loud talk, and a greater        range of active movement. Outdoor play also extends opportunities for large muscle development, social-          emotional development, and small muscle development by offering variety, challenge, and complexity in            ways that are not attainable in a confined indoor space. Weather permitting, we will spend a minimum of            20 minutes outside and additional 15 minutes outside for those who stay for lunch. All classes receive 20            minutes of structured physical exercise in the classroom through the use of exercise CDs, props, and                    song/dance. Asking for exceptions to these activities should be very rare.  It usually puts the child in an                uncomfortable and isolated position. In the case of severe weather 20 additional minutes of structured                physical activity will take place in the Community Center or classroom.  In cold weather send appropriate            clothing for bundling up, hat or hood, mittens and long pants or tights. Sun screen and bug repellent should be applied at home prior to arriving at school. It can only be applied by staff with written consent.

  • Suitable School Clothing:

Remember school is a fun place to be and having fun can be messy. Please send your child in clothing that allows them to relax and enjoy all the offered activities. We attempt to keep paint and other substances off clothing, but we do not want to cause the child to be wary of trying new things in order to stay clean.