Health Issues


Illness is best controlled by common sense. If your child has fever or a contagious disease, please let the school know. A child should be free from fever 24 hours before returning to school. See the chart on the ILLNESS page concerning the Health Department’s regulations on specific illnesses. Please think of the other children when you make your decision. If your child has a communicable disease, we must report the disease to Licensing and to the school population.

Ill at School:

If your child becomes ill at school, you will be notified. If your child vomits, or has fever they must wait 24 hour before returning to school, unless they have a healthcare note with specific details of the condition. Each teacher has the right to refuse a child they feel is not capable of performing the activities of the day. Remember if your child is not feeling well, the teacher will not be able to attend to the other children in the proper manner.


Most of the time, if a child needs medication they should be kept at home. We cannot administer medications to your child without written parent consent. If your child has an allergy, notify your teacher so proper documentation and precautions can be taken. If your as a life-threatening allergy, and Emergency Plan must be on file for your child before attending school.

Injury/Medical Emergency:

In the case of a serious injury or illness, emergency medical care will be obtained as soon as possible and the parents notified immediately of the situation. Hence, there is the importance of the school knowing where to contact someone in the family at all times. Be sure your emergency numbers are kept updated and if your cell phone is the emergency contact, it is turned on. The staff is trained in CPR and First Aid and can take care of minor accidents. In case of a minor accident, the parent is informed at the end of the school day, or earlier, by telephone. If a doctor’s visit is in order, an injury/illness report is required. If your child is taken to a physician after a report is sent home, we must send the signed report to Licensing.

Medical Form:

All children attending Faith Preschool are required to have an updated medical form signed by a physician and an updated shot record. If your child is on a delayed vaccine schedule, we must have a notarized exemption form from the state on file. All children that are four years of age or older must have a vision and hearing test. All staff are encouraged, but not required to have immunizations, such as flu shots.

If your child appears ill, please evaluate carefully before you bring him/her to school. Think of the other children in the class!