Parental Issues


Parents are welcome to visit any time they wish. Arrangements can be made with the director after the first two weeks of class. Visits in the two-year old classes are discouraged during the first month due to adjustment to the school routines. Keep in mind that your child will not behave as he normally does while you are present. All parents who participate in our activities/operations will be required to go through a training and have a background check completed before helping with classroom activities

Family Needs:

You have the right to breastfeed or provide breastmilk to your child. Let a staff member know if you need a quiet place and an adult size chair and we will provide one for you.


We will gladly arrange conferences in addition to those following the spring evaluations at your convenience at a time when your child is not around. We will try to accommodate both parents’ schedules. Unless we are having a situation that needs your attention and participation, we usually leave the initiative of a conference up to you, excepting our spring conferences. We always welcome your particular insights and observations about your child. Remember, talking to your child’s teacher at release time, makes it difficult for her to concentrate on the children in her care. Please set a time when she can give you her total attention.


Discipline shall at all times be direct, firm, consistent and leading the child towards self-discipline. There will be no physical or demeaning punishments. If the usual disciplinary measures are unsuccessful, the teacher will ask the parents to come for a conference to discuss the situation. All items suggesting violence are discouraged and should not be brought to school.

Please refer to the Discipline and Guidance page in this handbook.

Evacuation, Lockdown and Severe Weather Plans:

Each classroom has a diagram as well as instructions for our fire, severe weather, and lockdown drills.  Please refer to them to see their designated location. In the event we need to evacuate our building we will relocate at Matt’s El Rancho Restaurant next door (2613 S Lamar) and all parents will be notified with information and procedures via text. Please see staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures.

Tobacco & Fire Arms Use:

There is no smoking of any cigarettes, ecigarettes, vaporizers, or any other tobacco product at this child-care center, on the premises, on the playground, or in transportation vehicles. No firearms or weapons are allowed on the premises, on the playground, or in transportation vehicles. The only exception is a registered handgun, with permit, is allowed in the person’s vehicle.


If you have concerns about anything dealing with the school policies and procedures, staff, etc., please set up a time to speak to the Director. Appointments can be made before or after school. If you are not satisfied, please consult with the Preschool Board.

Gang Free Zone:

Under the Texas Penal Code, any area within 1,000 feet of a child-care center is a gang-free zone, where criminal offenses related to organized criminal activity are subject to harsher punishment. Please notify staff of any suspicious behaviors.


This school is licensed by the State of Texas and regulated by Child Care Regulation. We follow their rule book of regulations. The school’s most recent Licensing inspection reports are posted on the Parent Information Board in the four-year-old building and parents may view them at any time.  If parents would like to contact the local Licensing office, they can contact: Child Care Regulation 1340 airport Commerce Dr. Suite 525 Austin, Tx 78741 Phone: 512-834-3426.

For More Child Care Regulation :  or Day care compliance records can be  located at PRS child abuse hotline: 1-800-252-5400. PRS: website: All staff are required to attend a two hour abuse/neglect training annually.


We post group photos on our school website. We do not identify them by name. If you do not want your child’s photo posted on the webpage please notify both your child’s teacher as well as Jill Varnell, the director.

All the guidelines in this booklet are intended to sensible policies to assure everyone of having a good, safe, enjoyable year at Faith Preschool.  The Director and teachers are very willing to listen and accept parent input.  We are grateful for your cooperation.